VARUA Means the Spiritual World in Maori.

Enter in the mystical atmosphere of the Polynesian lagoon.

Discover "Poe Matauiui" The Legendary Tahitian pearl, which represents perfect beauty and the light spectrum. This sacred ornament is also a symbol of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & ETERNAL PEACE.

In the Maori tradition, 'A'Amu" is an ancient belief : the one who wears this precious Pearl with a great Faith becomes one with the Universe and receives protection strength and harmony.

Once upon a time, "Te Ufi" was offered to man by Oro. The God of peace and fertility came down to earth on a rainbow to offer the pearl that was born in an oyster to the beautiful princess of Bora Bora as sign of his Eternal Love!

Polynesian culture connect you back to the secret of life…

Get spiritual and talk to the Universe every beautiful living Day!

The Maori Tribes were blessed by the great Creator "Ta Aroa" living in total harmony with nature. He gave them the Turtle "Te Honu", according to their tradition, a symbol of the journey from earth to sea and from the physical world to the spiritual one.

In return of their loyal Faith, The Maori received even more sacred animals messengers:

"Te Ou'a " the Dolphin and Te Fai" the Ocean Ray all symbols of peace, power and protection.

As the Maori, with Faith you can believe in what makes you feel good and happy. You can claim a solid foundation for yourself and enjoy a miraculous protection caring one of Poema by Orama's tribal creations!

One of a Kind designs for people with unique style who care about their body and soul!

For men and women who have a free mind in a peaceful heart connected to the Higher…

Enjoy your new Spiritual life…

May te Mana be with you…