The Flower "Tiare" is the emblem of Tahiti,  a symbol of beauty and purity. The delicate perfume is unique and unforgetable.

Creation Poema by Orama offers a complete line of body care and vanilla products to take care of your health, body and soul.

scented oils
Multi-purpose care for your body and hair.

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"Taua Here"
100% Pure Noni Juice of Tahiti
A Dietary Supplement for your Pets

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  Natural Monoi Soap from Tahiti
Luxurious body soaps for you skin.

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  Tahitian Gold Vanilla
    Explore and rediscover the exotic taste and fragrance of Tahitian fine vanilla.

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Note: Symbol for the line Creation Poema by Orama - TE HONU - The Turtle is a sacred Polynesian representation. Being an animal that passes from the land world to the sea world, the turtle represents man's passing over from the physical world to the spiritual one. It is the symbol of fertility, long life and even immortality.

We donate 1% of our sales to nonprofit environmental organizations ...