"Taua Here"

"Taua Here" means in Maori language my beloved One...

100% Pure Noni Juice of Tahiti

A Dietary Supplement for your Pets

Why: Having an Islander lifestyle, I cook and eat organic food using all natural products from Tahiti.
To stay healthy, I have been taking The natural "Noni juice of Tahiti" as a dietary supplement for years feeling so much better!
Because my pets are my "Taua Here", they too require the same live and organic nutrition that is essential and required for my body and health. I also give them the same natural Noni juice of Tahiti!***

What: Morinda citrifolia, more commonly known as Noni, grows extensively across all Pacific Islands, but especially found growing as a shrub or small tree in rich Volcanic soils of Tahiti.

***Polynesian people have used Noni for over 2000 years for its beneficial, natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.***

Noni has been subject to considerable scientific study. It is an exotic fruit that turns white when ripe and has a pungent smell. This bitter to taste fruit is the source of high levels of carbohydrates and dietary fibre, protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Niacin (Vitamin B3), iron, potassium, calcium and sodium.

*Cited as a great medical discovery, Noni fruit has health-related benefits that have left the most learned of scientists astounded.*

I would like to share my Pet's experience with you.
I have three dogs and two cats, my "Taua Here"!
They all suffered from seasonal skin allergies, stomach pains, and ear infections.
I decided to give them a dietary supplement of Noni juice from Tahiti which seemed to be a cure to all their problems.
Since they have been taking it every morning for several months, they no longer have Eczema and Prurigo.
They also are much happier, energetic, and have a better, shinier coat of hair!
Here is the dosage of Noni Juice of Tahiti I have been giving To my pets my "Taua Here"

How: Dosage Recommended as Dietary supplement,
10 days per month:
(In the morning in empty stomach)
Per day 1 tablespoon for cat and 2 tablespoons for dog.
Increase the dosage if it seems to be affective. It depends upon the health and weight of a pet. A healthy cat or dog should be given a 1ml of Noni juice of Tahiti in proportion of per pound of body weight of pet.
Maximum given must not exceed 1 ounce in a day!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

"Taua Here" Noni juice of Tahiti
is Package in glass bottle
18 FL OZ (532ml) and 32 FL OZ (946ml)

No Preservatives, No additives
Shelves life, 30 days after open
Keep refrigerate after opening
Pasteurized and Bottled in USA

Made in small batches with Love for Our "Taua Here"...

***Consumer health informations:


"Experience the difference for your beloved Pets", they deserve it...

*Manufactured by TahitianGold Co,Inc.Torrance CA 90505*

Mauru'Uru Roa, be "Te Mana" with you and your "Taua Here"...

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Note: Symbol for the line Creation Poema by Orama - TE HONU - The Turtle is a sacred Polynesian representation. Being an animal that passes from the land world to the sea world, the turtle represents man's passing over from the physical world to the spiritual one. It is the symbol of fertility, long life and even immortality.

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