KVMD-TV Southern California Life presents...

May 9th to July 14th

Mon & Wed 7.30-8pm / Sat & Sun 6am.
Ch.23 Cable / Ch.31 Direct TV

Hosted by: Heather Dawson



Veronique Tiare Hunkin Tomasi talks with a new guest about Tahiti.

The first show started with a presentation of The Ocean Queen (the Tahitian Black Pearl During this festival)

Heather Dawson is wearing different necklaces, rings and bracelets from Creation Poema by Orama.

Heather Dawson with
Olivier Briac & Veronique Tiare Hunkin Tomasi


Note: Symbol for the line Creation Poema by Orama - TE HONU - The Turtle is a sacred Polynesian representation. Being an animal that passes from the land world to the sea world, the turtle represents man's passing over from the physical world to the spiritual one. It is the symbol of fertility, long life and even immortality.