Creation Poema by Orama went to Paris wih Nathalie Dubois at her

"ESPACE GLAMOUR CHIC 2007" gift bag Talent Lounge
the week of the Cesar (French Oscars).

The fabulous event took place in the exquisite Imperial Suite at The Intercontinental Hotel Paris Le Grand, - 2 Rue Scribes 75009 Paris, France. Tuesday February 20th and Wednesday February 21st 2007.

The "ESPACE GLAMOUR CHIC 2007" offered "magnific" Tahitian presents from Tiki Village of Moorea , as a Royal Traditional Tahitian Wedding to Claude Brasseur The President of the Cesar Night. Creation Poema by Orama offered many Tahitian black pearls necklaces and Bracelets to French and International movie Stars as Sharon Stone, Lou Doillon, Natasha Regnier, Dominique Pinon, Mylene Demongeot, Bernadette Lafont,Marina Fois, Alain Chabat, Marina Hands, Hermine De Clermont Tonnerre, Zoe Felix, Thierry Rey, Valerie Stephen, Sara Forestier......

They all learn about the mystic message of The black pearl being the messenger of immortality and love..

Putting on their Creation Poema by Orama gift for the picture, all Stars made a wish...

Tahiti was really appreciated and stars were very interested in going to visit The French Polynesia Islands.

Thanks Olivier Briac promoting The Tahitian culture with his 2 charming "Vahine" from Tiki Village, giving a nice presentation of  "Tahiti Toujours avec Amour...."

All Press listed covered the event:, Magazine Closer, People Magazine, Peter Mittelbanke Le Film Francais, Alexandre Thevenet, First class magazine, Beautiful people magazine, Glamour Magazine Le grand journal, Studio Mag....

Creation Poema by Orama


Mylene De Mongeot

Natasha Regnier

Sandrine Kessier

Mylene De Mongeot

Claude Brasseur


Lou Doillon

Marina Fois

Bernadette Lafont

Note: Symbol for the line Creation Poema by Orama - TE HONU - The Turtle is a sacred Polynesian representation. Being an animal that passes from the land world to the sea world, the turtle represents man's passing over from the physical world to the spiritual one. It is the symbol of fertility, long life and even immortality.