Varua Hakaora
In the Spiritual World, take it easy and don’t worry!


Get Spiritual and talk to the Universe,

Be Happy now and tomorrow.
Like the Ancient Maori tribes have a spirit of gratitude.
Thank The Universe for each living day!
Because you have more power than you can imagine, you need to keep your dreams.
Enter in The mystical World of the Polynesian lagoon….
Experience the magic Paradise of Peace, Faith and LOVE.
It will make you feel Good and Happy.
You will feel in your heart The Harmony of the Higher Source as One to the Universe.
Creation Poema by Orama is for those looking for the Loving Path.
The great Secret of Life is LOVE!

It’s never too much!

Be “TE Mana” with you !

This line appeals to men and women who have a free mind in a peaceful heart connected to THE HIGHER...

The music on this website are samples of the CD "Les Derniers Sauvages" from Tahiti Tiki Theater MAOHI

Note: Symbol for the line Creation Poema by Orama - TE HONU - The Turtle is a sacred Polynesian representation. Being an animal that passes from the land world to the sea world, the turtle represents man's passing over from the physical world to the spiritual one. It is the symbol of fertility, long life and even immortality.

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