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The Classic collection - "The Vision from the Sky"



The Special beautiful black pearl in Maori SPECIAL ORDER pendant.
One of your lucky charm is waiting for you...

Men and Women pendant on silver ball chain long 18" to 28" on demand...

Tahitian black pearl from lagoon of Riketea Class A-B button shaped or round, upon request..
Color green/silver/black 12-14mm upon request Add +30% on original price for light color: yellow / white

Wearing a Tahitian black pearl every day give you positive energy and peace....

price subject to quality, color & size of your pearl




Phone: 1-310-951-0393

All our Black Pearls are Tahitian from Lagoon of Tuamotu: Atol of Ahe, Manihi or Riketea. They are Guaranteed to be of Natural Color - Neither Treated, Bleached, nor Color Enhanced.