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The Tribal collection: HITINUI "The ancient name of Tahiti'



The horn for men brings protection, power and virility.

Men necklace made of bone on leather string.
Tahitian black pearl from lagoon of Ahe.
Class B
Color silver and grey.
Round 2 x 10-11mm
Mix of beads made of wood & bone.
Silver charms with a little turtle "Te Honu" for protection.
This is the symbol of spirituality, power, and eternity.
Good luck!


price: $ 480



Phone: 1-310-951-0393

All our Black Pearls are Tahitian from Lagoon of Tuamotu: Atol of Ahe, Manihi or Riketea. They are Guaranteed to be of Natural Color - Neither Treated, Bleached, nor Color Enhanced.